When Product Meets a Scientific Approach with Holly Hester-Reilly


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On episode 5 of Elevatd Life, we have Holly Hester-Reilly. Holly is the Founder & CEO of H2R Product Science where she works with product leaders and teams to develop their product growth strategy. Holly majored in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University before realizing that she could apply her scientific research to help motivated teams build successful products. Outside of work, Holly focuses on parenting and geeking out at a local strategy game spot!

This is an episode you don’t want to miss! Lots of great insights for a lot of folks.

Our Highlights

  • Going from a unique college major to then founder of a consulting and coaching business

  • Understanding the psychology and human behavior behind building successful products

  • How your current skill set can be transferable to entering the Product space

  • Practicing empathy when creating a product from the ground up

Find Holly 
H2R Product Science https://h2rproductscience.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/h2rproductsci

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