The life of an IBM Watson Product Manager


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On episode 6 of Elevatd Life, we have Zia Mohammad. Zia is a talented Product Manager at IBM working with the Watson Premium product. Zia was a delight to talk to - before starting at IBM he started gaining interest in technology through different news outlets that were showcasing all the amazing and innovative solutions AI and ML were allowing folks to do. He ended up going to school at Ohio State and then stumbled across an intern position at IBM. After jumping onboard the IBM team, Zia has grown into the role of a Product Manager and works cross-functionally with a variety of teams to ensure his product is healthy.

Our Highlights

  • What does a typical work week look like for a Product Manager at IBM?

  • What is Watson Premium? And how does its services directly impact large enterprise companies?

  • Traditional design thinking vs. enterprise design thinking

  • The importance of side projects and side hustles

  • IBMs attention to innovative patents and how Zia submitted his own patent to IBM

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