Design thinking from a young age with Iiro Isotalo


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On episode 2 of Elevatd Life, we have Iiro Isotalo the Director of Product Management at BetterDoctor, which was recently acquired by Quest Analytics.

Iiro has an interesting background in engineering, product design and product management. We chat about his transition from engineering to Product and touch on some important topics tooling, PM characteristics, his Product philosophy and much more. If you’re new to Product or trying to break in - this is definitely an episode for you.

Our Highlights

  • What is BetterDoctor? And what do they do?

  • At a very young age, Iiro's mother introduced the importance of keeping the end user in mind when designing and building products

  • Transitioning and building his skill in programming, design and product.

  • What Iiro looks for when hiring Product Managers for his team

Find Iiro

Links for clicking

  • Roadmapping tool, Productboard

  • Software tool, JIRA for tracking sprints and development work

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