3 Ways to Become a Better Product Manager in 2019


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On episode 7 of Elevatd Life, we have Beau Blinder. I found Beau after his post on Medium titled "3 Practical Ways To Become A Better Product Manager" and we were able to have a really insightful conversation about those 3 core ways he talked about in his post and how he’s proactively started to build a strong system to include Engineers in customer conversations which leads to building better products.

Our Highlights

  • The difference of being a Product Manager a number of years ago vs. being a Product Manager now with tons of learning resources, support, bootcamps and opportunities.

  • 3 core ways you can become a better Product Manager in 2019!

  • How Beau has taken Deep Work in his own day to day life as a PM.

  • Examples of how Beau has started to loop in his Engineering Team and include them in customer conversations from the start.

  • “Nobody wants to build something if they don’t understand whose using it.” So, Beau makes sure his Engineering Team can understand who the users are and what pain points they are facing..

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